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Upgrade to ShieldPro

ShieldPro accounts are now available for those who want them. Upgrading your account (which has a one-time cost) will:

  • Remove ads in-app and on remote cpanel forever
  • Increase device limit (no more Too Many Devices)
  • Unlock ShieldPro-only remote features
  • Unlock ShieldPro-only access to special features, including features in beta
  • Unlock ShieldPro-only support/chat
  • Special discord role

These features are for (1) account only. To use these perks on multiple accounts, you must upgrade each account.

We are working to add more features and perks to ShieldPro Accounts over time. If this is something that interests you, open a #support-ticket on Discord to upgrade your account or scan the QR code and include your Shield username. You can also send payments directly to [email protected] via Paypal, and include your account details in the notes. See below for basic pricing on device limit increase:

  • $1-9 = 5 devices
  • $10-15 = 10 devices
  • $16-20 = 20 devices

To discuss customized options, join us on Discord and open a support ticket.

To upgrade your account, click the red button or scan the QR code below. Please include your Shield username and email address associated with your account in the notes of the ShieldPro Payment. You can also include your Discord Username to receive your ShieldPro role. We appreciate your support.

Or scan the QR code to initiate a donation:

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