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What is the Alliance Shield?

Alliance Shield by Android Alliance is for KNOX SUPPORTED DEVICES – A complete corporate device management suite without expensive MDM software. The Alliance Shield is the perfect solution to manage multiple company devices easily and seamlessly. Manage your devices’ software updates, firewall/adblock rules, secured charge, remote options, disable packages and more.

📌 DISCLAIMER 🔹 READ FIRST 🔹 This application requires you to register for an account at This app is for BUSINESSES to manage COMPANY DEVICES. It is NOT intended for individual use. However, we do allow individual users to use it. The account is free, and we do not share or sell data.

🆘 Need help? 🆘 You have 4 options:

  1. Join our discord ➡️ HERE and open a Support 🎫 in the #🔰-support-ticket channel
  2. Email us 📨 [email protected]
  3. post directly on our forums at
  4. or read THIS documentation website, which outlines how to use the entire application.


Using the Shield requires SAMSUNG KNOX for the Firewall, Adblock, Secure Charge, System Update Block, and Package Management. If you are unsure if your Samsung device supports Knox, check the model number here. Be sure to see if it says supported or not because all Samsung devices are on the list, marked either supported or not.

If your device does not support Knox, you can use our ROOT option to disable packages. However, this method will not work for the other features.

What is Samsung Knox?

Samsung Knox is a proprietary security framework pre-installed on most Samsung mobile devices. Its primary purpose is to provide organizations with a toolset for managing work devices, such as employee mobile phones or interactive kiosks.


ROOT Support: YES

  • Support for ROOTED DEVICES is available and works with limited capabilities
  • Disabling works

Device Owner Support: YES

  • Using KNOX-ONLY to disable applications is AGAINST THE SAMSUNG TERMS OF USE and our KNOX KEY WILL BE REVOKED if we violate. This is why you must use device owner for DISABLING ONLY. All other features will work with Knox. Knox Prevent-Start DOES NOT WORK ON SYSTEM APPLICATIONS LIKE GoS
  • This is the only way to disable system applications or services like Game Optimizing Service (GoS)
  • To disable packages, follow the device owner setup guide


  • If you’d like to join Shield beta and test upcoming features, you may do so with the steps below:
    1. Open the Google Play Store
    2. Find Alliance Shield and Rate us 5 stars before joining beta, because we’re awesome (it wont count toward the rating if you’re enrolled in beta first) then go to the app detail page
    3. Scroll down until you see beta information
    4. Tap Join to Join. Might take a moment to add you to the program


  • On-phone ADB disabler via wireless adb method will be implemented later and is not currently available yet
  • Will also include ADB Console
  • Will not work to Disable GoS, only device owner works for that

You can download the Shield from the Play Store.
If you are using Android 11 you must grant QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission.

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