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Alliance Shield Feature Chart

Knox Owner root Feature Local Remote
x x Lock Device x – Varies by device
x x Null Apps (including System) x x * Feature in development
x Prevent Apps from running x x Some remote features not available to end users
x x x Stop Updates x x
x x Force Close an App x x
x x x Logout of Shield x x
x x x Start an App x x
x x x Check if app installed x x
x x Check if app is running x x
x x x Uninstall Apps x x
x x x Send message to device x
x Restrict who can call you * x
x Restrict who can text you * x
x Secure Charging x x
x Block apps from network x x
x Allow incoming SMS/MMS/RCS * x
x Allow Outgoing SMS/MMS/RCS * x
x Control Microphone x x
x Add VPN Profile (L2TP, PPTP) X
x Wipe App Data x x
x Block Adds x
x Rename Apps x x
x Change App Icon x x
x Stealth Mode x
x Add data to clipboard x
x Prevent/Allow ALL app installs x
x Prevent/Allow ALL app uninstalls x
x See monthly app launch count x
x Prevent app from displaying notifications x
x Prevent app from being uninstalled x
x Prevent/Allow Bluetooth x
x Prevent/Allow Airplane Mode x
x Prevent/Allow Audio Record x
x Prevent/Allow Data saver x
x Prevent/Allow Clipboard access x
x Prevent/Allow Factory reset x
x Prevent/Allow sideload apps x
x Prevent/Allow power off x
x Prevent/Allow power saving mode x
x Prevent/Allow safe mode x
x Prevent/Allow changing settings x
x Prevent/Allow screen capture x
x Prevent/Allow force stop system apps x
x Prevent/Allow record video x
x Prevent/Allow VPN x
x Prevent/Allow change wallpaper x
x Prevent/Allow Wifi x
x Prevent/Allow Wifi Direct x
x Prevent/Allow cell data x
x Block Domains per app or system wide x
x Allow an app to receive updates x
x Set daily/weekly/monthly call and text limits *

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