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If you are receiving an error code while trying to use the Shield, there is a reason. Use the code guide below to help solve your issue. If you are still having trouble, join our discord and open a support ticket using the button at the bottom of every page.

E1 – Please update to the latest version in the Play Store

E2 – Device Admin must be enabled before Knox

E3 – This username is invalid (server response). Check that your username is correct and try again.

E3L – This username is invalid (local checks, this is if the username is less than 3, or contains symbols $&+,:;=\?@#|/'<>.^*()%!- there will not be an entry in the login log)


E4 – This password is too short

E5 – This password is incorrect

E6 – Your Account is locked. You must solve the Captcha at to enable your account

R7 – Your Account is inactive. Check the email you registered with for activation instructions.

E8 – Error with login, try again (unknown error or no specific error code)

E9 – Error Unknown (see E8)

E10 – No Network Detected. Connect to a network and try again

E11 – Authentication Error, please logout and then back in (Account check failed, usually caused by an invalid token. Simple logout/login *should* fix)

E12 – An Error is preventing activation checks from completing Please reach out to us via the chat icon in the app, or the link at the bottom of this page for Discord (App keeps crashing when trying to activate Knox. Usually caused by non-samsung device or rooted)

E13 – Update to a newer version and try again

E14 – Too many devices registered – contact support on Discord

E69 – Too many failed logins – your account is temporarily banned. Wait 10 minutes and try again

E420 – Your Account is banned. Please contact a member of the admin team

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