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Enabling the Shield icon on the main screen will prevent your device from receiving operating system updates (i.e. Android 10 to Android 11). When the lock icon in the center of the shield is green  that means the Update Shield is Enabled (shown below in the screenshot). The reason for this feature is because oftentimes not everybody wants the next update to their OS. Updating to a new operating system can sometimes break existing applications or configurations you have in place until the developer of those apps updates their compatibility to the new OS update (if needed). This way, disabling updates gives you time to read over changes and see if it will cause any issues to your current device setup. You can also keep an eye on reviews that other people have written about any bad experience they’ve had after updating that could relate to you.

If you’re using KNOX only, then updates will be prevented by a administrative policy. Blocking updates using Knox is against their terms of use – so if you are only using Knox then you can still block updates – but not fully disable them. Rest assured though, they won’t be able to install.

If you’re using Device Owner or ADB method then the Update Shield button will fully disable the update packages within the application manager.

Lastly, if you want to learn how to block individual app updates other than system updates, you can read how on the application manager and firewall features page.

Example of Update Shield ENABLED

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