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Enable RCS In Google Messenger For Any Carrier

Enable RCS in Google Messenger for any Carrier using Alliance Shield

After downloading & setting up your Alliance Shield account follow the steps below:

  • Disable Wi-Fi
  • Open Shield -> App Manager -> Google Messenger -> Activity Tab

  • Tap “Set RCS Flags” from the activity list
    • Select Open


  • Hidden RCS configuration settings dialog in Google Messenger should open
    • From “ACS URL” drop-down, select the ‘’ option

  • Close Google Messenger from recent apps (multitask -> apps running in background)
  • Re-open Google Messenger and there should be a message along the bottom prompting setup for Chat Features
    • Select “Upgrade Now”
  • After upgrade – re-enable Wi-Fi and wait a few minutes for the process to propagate
    • If successful, go to Settings -> Chat Features
    • Status: Connected” should appear at the top
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