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Good News Bad News. Good news: Samsung has reinstated our Knox Status!!!!!! Bad News: it is a different key and they still need to clear the old key so we don’t have to push out a new app. Also there is ZERO chance of using Knox to disable any app or service. They were very clear on this matter. The code to disable apps has been removed from the Shield. The rest of the features will work. Expect the update in a few days. We still need Samsung to clear the app/old key binding.
I am still waiting on to hear back if Device Admin can disable apps/services or if they will also get our key revoked again.

:shield~1: We just heard some samsung today. Moments ago, about reinstating our knox key for all other shield features. It is not updated yet. This is with regard to the KNOX METHOD

:shield~1: Last night we added device owner. It works. You can disable apps this way. Sadly, when you set it up for the first time you have to remove the accounts from your phone (or factory reset, but just backup) to set it up. After that you are good to go for as long as you keep it on the phone. We are finishing up testing and it is not out yet. This is with regard to the DEVICE OWNER METHOD

:shield~1: We are making progress with the on-phone abd shell, which will allow you to use abd directly on your phone. You can type custom abd, or use the standard package disabler and shield will disable using that method, behind the scenes. So it would technically function the same way it did before, but using abd backstage instead. This method requires Wireless ABD option in developer options, and a computer (one time) to set it up at first. This is not the most ideal way, but it is a way. It is not done yet. We are still testing this as well. This is with regard to the ABD SHELL METHOD

:shield~1: Root. Shield will work for you right now to disable anything, if you root your phone. This is with regard to the ROOT METHOD.

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