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Many people use the Alliance Shield to disable Samsung’s Game Optimizing Service. Often times the GoS service will cause lag, lower fps, and defile the quality of the experience for mobile gamers. Since we are no longer able to use Knox to disable GoS and its components, we have to use ADB or Device Owner.

It has been reported by Alliance Members that most recent updates for Game Optimizing Service MAY make it even more difficult to keep GoS disabled. Some users have reported that GoS re-enables after some time, even when disabled using ADB shell. Alliance staff has not corroborated this information yet. Some people may not be¬†disabling all of the components (3) for GoS, and instead, only one. Some research has also pointed to the Facebook and Messenger apps being a culprit in keeping GoS enabled – but there is no solid proof of this. So if you don’t use Facebook or FB Messenger, maybe disable those too.

The speculated reason that Samsung forces people to use Game Optimizing Service and deems it an uninstallable system app is because Exynos chipsets (european) models tend to drastically overheat. When you disable GoS it allows for full 60fps and pushes all components to their limit. Since Samsung has already had one show-stopping incident with the Galaxy Note 7 batteries (which is how the Alliance originally started), it looks like they’re trying to avoid another similar situation. This is likely the reason Samsung is so adamant about forcing the use of Game Optimizing Service.

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